Our Services

Allocation Design

Wentworth House Rail Systems undertake allocation design by utilising the clients preferred basic design range, performance specification, site surveys and track layout design to provide the detail necessary to allow construction of the electrification equipment.

Construction Design

This service involves the assessment of the Allocation Design, determining the installation methodology, identification of necessary change to Allocation Design to meet changes in site conditions or construction constraints.


Wentworth House Rail Systems experience ranges from investigative studies to resolving technical issues of OLE operations to that of the OLE layout to meet complex track layouts.

Project Design

As a Design House with proven experience we are able to offer clients our services throughout the design cycle.

Technical Workscope

Wentworth House Rail Systems are able to provide Technical Workscope documentation to the client to allow them to engage contractors.

Technical Author

All companies need to produce technical documentation for their services and we believe they should explain this information in a way that’s easy to understand.


Wentworth House Rail Systems can enhance the overall performance of our clients’ projects and programs by developing integrated solutions, optimising value, increasing efficiency, managing risk and maximising financial performance.


Sustainability crosses all market sectors and manifests in our core values. People are our greatest asset. We are a relationship-based company.

Asset Management

The full life cycle from concept to decommissioning is taken into account by our designers through Construction Design and Management.